Feed (馈源)

Feed 在Web 2.0的应用中常常用来为一个连续的日志型服务提供数据接口,一边其他第三方应用能够定期访问这个接口而获得更新的数据。 我曾经将Feed 翻译为“供源”,“数据源”等,后来读到James GleickThe Information,读到其中一段的时候,突然发现其实Feed-back这个电学词汇已经早就翻译为“反馈”,那么“馈”字当然可以继续使用到其他情景。 加上Feed在网志等应用中是一种数据源,不妨叫做“馈源”:

To analyze it properly he borrowed an obscure term from electrical engineering: “feed-back,” the return of energy from a circuit’s output back to its input. When feedback is positive, as when the sound from loudspeakers is re-amplified through a microphone, it grows wildly out of control. But when feedback is negative—as in the original mechanical governor of steam engines, first analyzed by James Clerk Maxwell—it can guide a system toward equilibrium; it serves as an agent of stability.— James Gleick, “The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood