Isaaclopedia = Isaac’s Encyclopedia

It’s more like a personal collection of knowledge instead of a professional reference. But, nobodys thought Wikipedia is such a reference even 5 years ago. Now it proves that social collective intelligence can overtake personal limitations on perceiving the world. Wikipedia has three dimensions showing it’s power: 1. Collaboration, it’s a social work by millions users. Some pages were edited by thousands ever; 2. Duration, collective works after a duration can help overcome the flaws of  working memory for individuals; 3. Just-in-time, the immediate editing can help fixed capability of traditional publications, which largely rely on physical media production periodically.

Isaaclopedia won’t compete with Wikipedia, because it wont’ be able to scale up with the same volume.  It will serve my personal learning first.  E.g. If I want to understand a special topic, I will try to define a new article in Isaaclopedia then collect as much I can to understand that.  Other people, who may like to refer to my works, can also contribute in ways.  But I won’t be able to develop a complex sys tem as mediawiki to support such collaboration, it’s not a longtail in my imagination.

Of course, you can have your own cyclopedia with a content management system. It’s fun.