Nothing lasts forever, but maybe somethings do

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Isaac and Mao


Isaac is the brain, and Mao is the body. They live together. Most of the time,they are happy with each other. But sometimes, Mao will be tempered because it was too much spoiled by Isaac. The big concern from Isaac is he has to seek another body to accompany with when Mao died someday. It's also the reason that Isaac seeks how human being can reach eternity and immortality in a way maybe not physically or spiritually, but informatically.

Lets starts from Sharism

Sharism was found the from the revolution of web 2.0 in the past ten years. Firstly it's blogging, then web 2.0 services, then social networks and social media in a whole, etc. The torrents of memes shared in different format leave us questions on why people love to share or hate to share. Later the links between Sharism and other fields like neuron science, social science, economy and pedagogy(learning) were found step by step. All the clues point to a new doctrine...

Once upon a time

  • Isaac Mao was called Mao Xianghui(毛向輝)by Chinese
  • Studied Computer Science, trained as software engineer and transferred the Isaac part to entrepreneur and seasonal venturer
  • Mao lives in China geographically, but Isaac is in information universe
  • Many information will become dust, no exceptions even you keep them in a stream. Anyway, blog is not dead.


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