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Can we reach immortality? It's not just a physiological question, but also a philosophical one. There are two long debate over this topic: 1. Will our body be longevity with any Elixir? 2.Is our soul longevity or virtually possible to be eternal?

We still can't answer these two questions because we didn't get either of them closer. There are many physiological developments in past two centuries to enkindle us to live much longer than our ancestors. Our age give us confidence to research more on this limitation as well. However, even we can live much longer,say 1000 years old, we can ensure our mind can't keep the best status as before. Or just like "The Man from Earth", John don't really apprecaite his situation.

Another direction, our soul, or mind, or memory, could be more meaningful to be kept longer, or even as archive to keep the human knowledge from going to Information Dust. We need Archaeology because we want to trace back our history. If we can keep today as future's history, we may not need traditional Archaeology any more.

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