Feeling of being censored

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Whenever I travel to overseas, it will take me several days to realize that I'm in a free Internet world. Before sensing that, I may still use proxies subconsciously. The feeling will be like you realized you are stupid not driving faster on highway when you changed a new speedy car.

However, the feeling will be totally reversed when I travel back China. Wherever you want to visit, you hit the wall. It could be very frustrated because you know you could be faster, easier somewhere else , and ever been so.

The same feeling will be triggered in some other censored areas,even on same machine you are using. E.g.If you use a browser with a proxy setting. It means you may be able to get across the Great Firewall, even it's not so smooth. However, Internet itself includes more functions rather than merely a browser. E.g. if you open up a program need to sync up with a remote server, e.g. dropbox, you will hit the wall as well. So you can immediately feel the differences between programs. The miniature context entangles you much enough. Many cloud-based applications were stop being accessed by Chinese netizen.